About AL Hanan

Get to know more About AL Hanan International Importer & Exporter of Pulses


Alhanan Importers Association  was created by the major international grain brokers to streamline the import of pulses in Pakistan. This collaboration of Importers working towards a unified cause has been welcomed by international exporters and local importers.


To provide coordinated leadership to Pakistan Pulse industry and to facilitate activities that will achieve improvement in terms of understanding International trade norms, values, terms and bylaws knowledge for all pulses sectors of the industry. Alhahan is very much focused to long-term goals as under:

Our Objectives

  • To create a platform to address the issues of the importers and the exporters of pulses. Alhanan would serve as a medium for both sides to communicate openly and resolve the concerns.
  • To allow exchange of opinions and dialogue in order to protect the rights of both sides and streamline the business.

Our Mission

  • Controlled Trade
  • Provide coordinated leadership and planning for crops.
  • Maintaining healthy relationships with existing and new markets.
  • Statistics for domestic crops and requirements.
  • Monitoring international and domestic prices of major pulses
  • Monitoring Sellers and Exporters performances
  • Monitoring Buyers and Importers performances
  • Facilitation consultations for resolving disputes and complains